Orchestra musicians will be required to attend the entire program, held from June 25 through August 7 2023 (travel to and from Catania Fontanarossa Airport)


Lucia di Lammermoor by Gaetano Donizetti

La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi

La Cenerentola by Gioacchino Rossini

Opera concerts featuring selections from operas

Opera concerts featuring overtures, chamber music and solo opportunities.


Mediterranean Opera Studio & Festival provides a unique opportunity for orchestral musicians to tackle important operatic works under the guidance of experienced orchestra leaders and high level conductors. Please note that this is a training program with a focus on learning through immersion in the rehearsal and performance process, giving young musicians an invaluable growing skill set. This program is suitable for university/conservatoire students or keen amateurs – above all, candidates should be keen to learn. The size of the orchestra is that of a chamber orchestra, with the following orchestration:

1x Flute (doubling as piccolo)

1x Oboe

2x Clarinet

1x Bassoon

2x Horn

1x Trumpet

1x Trombone

1x Timpani/Percussion

9x Violins

3x Violas

3x Cellos

2x Double Bass


The orchestra will be led by MOSF faculty members: the Musical Director/Principal Conductor and two concertmasters/orchestral managers.


Admission to the MOSF Orchestra is by audition and online interview. Please read the following information throughly before submitting an application. Candidates are required to submit a video recording of the relevant orchestral excerpt (please see below) and a piece of their choosing accompanied by the MOSF Orchestra Application Form.

Please note that applications will not be accepted unless both the orchestral excerpt and additional piece of the candidate’s choosing are submitted. Flautists should also send a short excerpt or piece of their choosing on Piccolo in addition to the above requirements. Audio recordings will not be accepted.

Audition excerpts can be found here.

Application Forms and recordings should be sent to: Candidates will also be required to participate in an online video interview with the Musical Director and/or Concertmasters. Interviews will be scheduled once the application material has been submitted. Application deadline: March 1st 2023


1) Completed MOSF Orchestra Application Form

2) Orchestral Excerpt Video Recording

3) Additional Piece of Candidate’s Choosing Video Recording

4) Piccolo Video Recording (applicable to flautists only)


It may be required that the orchestra will perform in outside venues. Successful candidates should ensure they have suitable instrument insurance in place for the duration of the festival or a secondary instrument for playing outdoors. Please note that the orchestra will never perform outdoors in rain. Musicians should have their individual orchestral parts thoroughly prepared before arriving in Sicily (this also applies to Tutti Strings).

String players may be required to bow parts. Participants who are not prepared on arrival will risk losing their position in the orchestra and forfeiting their place on the program – losing their deposit to pay for a suitable cover. This decision will be at the discretion of the Concertmasters and/ or Principal Conductor.

The health and well-being of our orchestral musicians is paramount. Applicants should note that the physical and mental demands of a repertory structured opera orchestra are incredibly high. A typical rehearsal day will consist of 2x 3.5hr sessions. Instrumentalists should be prepared and expect a busy schedule. Due to the nature of the program, orchestra musicians should be prepared for the schedule to change throughout the festival.


Orchestra musicians will pay a significantly discounted participation fee – a total of $800 (approx. $19/day), which includes breakfast and lunch at our facility every day, housing (single occupancy room with individual bathroom), weekly laundry service, transportation to and from the airport*, all training (including Italian class and any masterclass offered), all performances, transportation to MOSF events, and programmed weekly tourism outings.

If you wish to stay at the more luxurious NH Villa San Mauro Hotel rather than at our Dorm, there is an additional $1600 fee (total $2400 participation) if you are in a single occupancy room. If you stay in a double occupancy room with another participant, your additional fee is $900 (total $1700 participation). All orchestra members must pay a $500 security deposit to secure their position in the program, which will be returned at the conclusion of the program. Should they decide to leave early, or they are unprepared and need to be substituted, or are expelled, their deposit will be forfeited. This security deposit will be used to hire your substitute locally. If you leave early, none of these fees are refundable.

Participation fee $800 Participation with luxury hotel single room $2400

Participation with luxury hotel with second participant in room $1700

Security deposit $500

All participants are responsible for their own airfare to Catania. In order to be eligible for airport transportation, arrival and departure must occur within a specific window on check in/check out day – as follows:

Arrival Catania Fontanarossa Airport June 25th, pickup at 2.00pm and 6.00pm

Departure Catania Fontanarossa Airport August 7th (1st bus to airport will be at 6.30am – arrival at airport around 7.45am, 2nd bust departs around noon)

Any transportation outside the provided bus schedule is the responsibility of the participant