Mediterranean Opera Studio & Festival is offering the following scholarships and grants for 2019

Salvatore Li Vigni Scholarship (Full tuition)

Anastasia Borgese Li Vigni Scholarship (Full tuition)

Maria Callas study grant ($1000 toward tuition)

Enrico Caruso study grant ($1000 toward tuition)

Giacomo Lauri Volpi study grant ($1000 toward tuition)

Scholarships and grants are merit based, not based on financial need.  Singers applying will compete for the award.  Please submit a video link.  This will be evaluated by a group of opera professionals.  Awards will be announced in May.  Singers are encouraged to pay tuition so as to secure their roles. Tuition will be refunded to those who win scholarships or grants.

(applications without fee will not be accepted – $30 USD)

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