Mission and Values of MOSF

Mission: Learn how to learn to sing – Getting from Point A to Point B

Our principal goal is to help the student: (1) learn how to study more effectively and to focus on the process of learning rather than on seeking immediate fixes and results;  and (2) understand the importance and need of intermediate artistic and vocal goals that feed into a more long-term trajectory of progress.



In accomplishing our Mission we follow values:

1) We serve the artistic interest and needs of the student.

MOSF exists to serve the student.  We all share a fiduciary responsibility toward the student who paid for our service.  We allocate resources, opportunities of study and performance equally among all students.  We do so through effective scheduling, but also by trying our best to treat each session of mentorship with equal value and focus.

2) We follow an ethical and moral code of the highest level.

We do not tolerate any form of harassment, sexual or otherwise.  Interactions between staff and students should be at the highest level of professionalism, respect, and seriousness. The difference in power between mentor and student makes physical contact of romantic nature, flirtations, sexual innuendos, sexual conversations and joking – completely inappropriate and unprofessional, and will not be tolerated.

3) We focus on learning how to learn. 

The principal result we seek from singers is their learning the process of getting from point A to point B in their artistic journey.  Therefore, our instruction focuses on the process employed in reaching results (E.G. hearing flaws, understanding principles that correct flaws, avoiding singing through pieces with no plan, which triggers a constant repetition of error, etc.) so as to teach the singer how to best study and learn.

4) We seek to preserve and enlarge the student’s faith in their future as a human being and as an artist. 

We will not tolerate any bullying, diminishing of students, or attempts to isolate and marginalize anyone within the student body or staff for any reason including physical appearance, artistic abilities, psychological makeup, etc.  We will not tolerate disparaging actions or comments from student to student, student to staff, staff to student or staff to staff.  Anyone engaging in negative actions of this kind will be met with swift and decisive disciplinary action by the directorship of the program.  We seek to reward positive interaction.

5) We explore and enlarge the limits of endurance of the student.

We schedule activities to test the endurance of singers to have them learn the challenges of a career and why having technique is important in terms of vocal preservation. In this process we carry an organizational burden to ensure we are recording and discussing individual plans for each singer.  All mentors will need to document daily activity and report.  We constantly seek to understand how to make this load on singer and mentor at the same time manageable and effective.  We seek to perfect communication so as to adapt to evolving situations.