Course Period:  July 7 – 27, 2014

Mediterranean Opera Studio is a 20 day intensive opera workshop for the development and perfecting of operatic vocal technique, and its impact on the legato musical line; with a parallel immersion into Italian language and culture.   MOS is a perfect mix of musical and cultural experiences which will enrich your artistic life as an operatic performer.  MOS will work with you and your University to secure academic credit can be extended for your participation.

Sicilia, a major centre of antiquity, its culture spanning millennia, is also the land where great operatic luminaries found inspiration. Among them the great operatic composer Vincenzo Bellini. The mountains of Sicily merging with its pristine coastline have inspired many artists, who as artistic pilgrims came to this land for inspiration; among them Richard Wagner and Goethe.

Opera singers develop a greater understanding and appreciation for their art when they are able to immerse themselves in the culture and environment from which Italian Opera emerged – an old and beautiful culture and inspiring landscape.  Come into contact with some of Opera’s leading singers and instructors, gleaning experience, knowledge and friendships, all necessary in promoting a strong operatic career.

Developing and perfecting your vocal technique is the absolute goal of Mediterranean Opera Studio; the carefully threaded fabric of the three week intensive is woven around this principle goal.  Voice lessons with leading international vocal technicians; masterclasses with the very elite of the global operatic scene; musical preparation at the hands of the finest American and European maestri; performance opportunities – all these guided by the one overarching goal of giving you strong tools to shape your future as an operatic performer.

Immerse yourself into Italian language guided by skilled professors, and into Italian culture and art, through courses and excursions, so as to more fully understand the soul of Italian Opera, and not just the notes on a page.  Learn what the Italian text of your scores means to an Italian by coming into contact with the very culture that spawned the great works.