La Traviata Cuts

Cuts will be listed with page#, system, measure and words – from the Ricordi Score


Act 1

  • From Page 51, 4th, last measure
    cut to Page 65, 1st sys., first measure, E’ Strano
    (Omitting #13, 14 and part of 15… start with E’ Strano)
  • From Page 67, 3rd, 3rd measure, delizia al corcut
    to page 69, 1st sys., 1st measure, cor! ….(from #16 measure 44 to 7 before #17)
  • Cabaletta Lunge da lei if open
    From page 84 top of page cut to Page 86, 4th, 1st measure, Oh Mio Rimorso
    (cut from #3 to 8 measures of #4)
  • If Cabaletta is cut
    From Page 83, 4th, 2nd measure cut with descending C major scale from F5 to A4 for 2 measures and cutting to page 90 1st measure.
    (From 4 measures before #3 to beginning Scena e Duetto Violetta & Germont)
  • From page 124, very end of 2nd system
    cut to page 125, 2nd system, 3rd measure
    (from #13, 26th measure to 41st measure)
  • From page 125 end of 2nd system
    cut to page 125, 4th sys, 4th measure, “Di Violetta…”
    (from #13, 43rd  measure to 50th)
  • From page 131, top page
    cut to page 137 2nd system, 1st measure…. Fermata on first chord, orchestra col canto
    (from #15, 48th measure to #16)
  • From page 142, 3rd sys, 3rd measure (text changes in 1st measure as follows: fu….turo possiam predir, badiam all’avvenir) cut to page 147, 1st sys, 3rd measure (avve…..nir)
    (from #20 to #21 measure 19)
  • From page 147, very end cut to top of page 160, pick up to page are two ¼ notes – Aflat-Anatural and then right into the page
    (from Chorus Coro di Mattadori Spagnuoli  to #25, 25th measure)
  • From page 215, 4th sys, 2nd measure (fi…
    cut to page 217, 4th syst, 3rd measure (fi….ni)
    (from #2, 14th measure to 3 measure before #3)
  • From page top of 218 cut to top of page 222
    (from #3 to Scena e Duetto Violetta – Alfredo)
  • From page 224, 1st sys, 2nd measure (gio…..ja) cut
    to page 226, 1st sys, 3rd measure (gio….ja)
    (from #4 measure 6 to 9 measures before #6)
  • From page 229, 2nd, 2nd measure (rifiori……ra)
    cut to page 231, 1st sys, 3rd measure (rifiori…..ra)
    (From #6, measure 72 to measure 94)
  • Page 248 after Oh Gioja and Violetta collapses, everyone tacit