Mediterranean Opera Studio prides itself in providing the highest level of instruction to aspiring operatic performers.  Part of the Mediterranean Opera Studio intensive experience centers around developing a deeper understanding of Italian language and culture so as to bring the performer in touch more profoundly with the nuanced intentionality behind operatic text and subtext.

Mediterranean Opera Studio is proud to partner with the teaching team of International House Language Centre Palermo.

The MOSF intensive language course, a  € 900 value, is part of the Mediterranean Opera Studio and Festival’s tuition package.  Courses are offered both at the Beginner and Advanced level.  Singers have daily classes for one hour at their level of proficiency.

Our instructor, Vittorio Tavini has been with MOSF since its inception and has a track record of helping singers advance in their understanding of the language.  His classes are informative, interactive, entertaining, and positive. He is a major asset to International House Language Centre.

International House Language Centre was established in 1975 by Pat Durden, the present Director, and has been an affiliate member of the International House World Organisation since 1984. It has also been an authorized centre for the University of Cambridge ESOL English examinations since 1980, and a member of AISLi (Association of Language Schools in Italy) since 1990. In 2002, the school became an official centre for Italian language examinations run by the Università per Stranieri di Perugia.