Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, Mediterranean Opera Studio & Festival, in collaboration with its local hosts, have concluded that given the level of the Covid-19 outbreak, its persistent level of infection, high transmissibility,  and the less than sufficient medical infrastructure in Sicily –  the safety conditions for conducting MOSF 2020 are insufficient.

We have, therefore, decided that MOSF 2020 will not be held as scheduled.  MOSF 2021 will present the same scheduled line up of operas proposed for 2020.  Those who have completed their tuition schedule for 2020 and have been assigned a role in the operas for 2020 are automatically scheduled to participate and perform in the same operas in 2021.  These enrollees will receive a grant toward tuition in 2021 equal to what they have paid for 2020.

Orchestra instrumentalists enrolled as of April 15 2020, will automatically be enrolled for 2021.  Their Security Deposit and housing fee will be applied toward 2021.

Assistant Conductors and Directors who have paid tuition as scheduled will also receive a grant equal to tuition paid toward MOSF2021.

We continue to hope that all our participants, staff, and their families will be safe during these trying times.