2018 Roster of Orchestra Musicians at Mediterranean Opera Studio & Festival !

(this is not a complete list of 2018’s roster)

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Kathryn Anderson – Clarinet

Deanna Brooke Mead – Viola

Ida Cawley – Bassoon

Vivian Chang – Cello

Matías Díaz Alfaro – Trumpet

Abigail Hammett – Violin

Lucia Lostumbo – Violin

Melissa Kindy – Clarinet

Allegra Knight – Oboe

Alison Miller – Violin

Danny Miller – Violin

Sylwia Namroży – Violin

Cameron Normand – Double Bass

Samantha Slockbower – French Horn

Ellis Thompson – Violin

Jackie Vaught – Flute

Cristian Damir Martinez Vega – Violin

Natalie Yu – Violin